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R22 Alternative Refrigerant Replacement – Half The Cost Of Regular R22

Anthony M, Irvine …

I have an AC unit about 21 yrs old. Since I move into this house I have never had anyone take a look at the unit since it works fine all those years. Early this month I noticed that it was not cooling and ask one of the local ac vendors to take a look. Upon checking I was told that the unit is out of freon and most likely have a leak. Options were presented but basically, the only viable solution they say was a replacement unit. For a cost of about $7K.

I found Veteran Air 99, (Kirk R.) posting on another site and he offered a solution to a client that fits my alley. Apparently, he is the only one that suggested to have the leak fixed and change the R22 refrigerant. So I ask him to fix my unit and after about few hours of work. He has restored my unit and the leak has been fixed. I now enjoy a cooler house with a fraction of the cost if I had to replace it. Thanks so much for all that you did Mr. Kirk R. !

I am truly impressed by Mr. Kirk professionalism, from the start he explained his solution and what needs to be done to my unit. He was very thorough very precise with his work.

For you guys who have an older unit, rest assured, replacement is not the only solution. Call Veteran Air ’99, have a Kirk take a look at it. I believe he can solve your AC problem.